What is EDC? Everyday Carry Explained

What is EDC? Everyday Carry Explained

What is EDC? Well, first and foremost, it stands for Everyday Carry. The basic principle is that it refers to whatever you keep on your person whenever you leave the house. However, in reality, the “everyday” part is open to interpretation.

People generally understand it as being items that you keep, or like to keep on you, whether they are for practical reasons or you just enjoy being near them. For example, most people would have a phone on them at all times, but others may also keep a multi-tool or fidget toy as well.

A vibrant EDC community has grown online, with participants showing off their items to others around the world, and the culture of this movement is less about the base products you carry and more about having a unique and more interesting set of items than the usual phone/wallet/keys. Technically, everyone has an EDC (unless you leave the house with absolutely nothing), but generally, those that choose to display theirs have plenty of little trinkets to boot.

EDC Items

So, what makes an interesting EDC? Things start to get interesting when you go beyond the regular items that most people take around with them, so what are some of the options for your EDC? Here’s one set as an example.

Fidget spinners have become a huge trend in 2017, but high-end spinners have been around for a while now and manufacturers have been creating some amazing works of spinning art. However, a cheaper budget fidget spinner can work equally well, just with a little less style. Something to fidget with, such as a coin or fidget cube is a great way to relieve stress or anxiety for a lot of people, and so carrying one around is a must.